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Wyatt interrupts them, concerned with how Liam is handling Callie.However, Liam bemusedly says he was just catching up with a old friend, proceeding to walk away as he says "Later, Cal." Later on during the day, Callie is shown to be getting ready for bed along with Mariana.However, late one night, he snuck into her room to her to have sex with him.

This sends Wyatt to punch Liam and to start a fight, which Brandon gets dragged into when trying to break it up.

After the fight is broken up, Callie silently watches the event and makes eye contact with Liam before leaving.

He eventually leaves after the fight, driving off in a fury.

I Do Liam is first seen in this episode at the court hearing. When Callie is talking, he seems essentially nervous, especially when she boldly tells him, "you know what you did to me." Liam wins the case due to lack of evidence.

He accuses Callie of lying about being raped by him and being dragged to court ruined him.

He then boldly says that he simply had sex with Callie and that "she wanted it".

As Stef goes to buy a designer handbag, she quickly notices that Liam is the seller, Stef and Mike then bust Liam for identity theft.

At the station, Sarah still refuses to admit that Liam was involved in her plan, this is until Callie tells Stef to check Sarah's credit history.

Stef goes on craigslist to set up a meeting with one of the potential thieves.

Meanwhile, Callie notices Sarah at the drop-in center.

Callie knew what Liam was doing and wanted to protect Sarah, and soon reported to Lena and Stef about what happened between her and Liam. Liam has an athletic body with blue eyes and short dirty blonde hair.

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