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Perhaps the real star of the whole Kilo Kish sound, though, is the brilliant production that surrounds her: the glittering, lush production of the Super 3 and The Internet helps her voice shine and feel at home in the spaced-out, dreamy beats. However, she also displays moments that reveal her as an amateur, that she’s not really of this world but rather just playing around in it: “I never know when the song starts,” we hear her say on the beginning of “Sick.” Later in the track she says, “Matt’s making me do ad libs.” Her lyrics verge into the raw, explicit territory that the mysterious, grimy R&B artist The Weeknd’s made his signature; on “Crosstown,” she raps, “Let’s get real f***ed up/ We won’t know which way is up.” Notable tracks: “Want You Still” is a gem; on “You’re Right,” off ; “You know the stars/ they don’t just shine for you/they don’t just shine for me [….] I don’t just shine for you/you don’t just shine for me” she warns her romantic interest. For Kish, who describes her music as her “little art project,” it’s unlikely that she even wants to make music a real career.She’s always self-aware and pragmatic; even her raps about love have a healthy dose of skepticism attached. “Tore me to pieces when I heard the news/ You know you could have just said that you wanted something new,” she says in “Julienne,” a song that’s punctuated with ad-libbed scenes playing between Kish and an ex-boyfriend she can’t help but stalk. That doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying the moment, though.Martians quickly took her under his wing, promising to help her find her sound.

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Her voice is syrupy sweet without ever veering into the annoying or kitschy (“Her voice is just so girly—you can’t not like that voice. Her tone is both light as a feather and cuts like crystal, sounding innocent even through the occasional expletive.

“It’s just me talking softly and being sweet over a beat,” Kish says of her style.

Age: 22 Rise to Internet fame: Kish started off rapping as a joke; her old roommate, rapper Smash Simmons, had a home studio set up in their apartment where she would sometimes mess around and drop rhymes, the reports.

After meeting at a party, Kish showed Simmons’ friend Matt Martians of The Super 3 (the psychedelic hip-hop duo with Hal Williams, also known as The Jet Age of Tomorrow) a few songs.

Associated acts: He is associated with ASAP Rocky, Black Milk, Johnson&Jonson, Nick Speed, Big Sean, Schoolboy Q, Tony Yayo, Purity Ring, Paul White and Vampire Weekend.

Labels: Fool’s Gold Body: Athletic Girlfriend / Spouse: danny Brown is said to be dating Kitty Pryde, an American hip hop recording artist from Daytona Beach, Florida.(LIST: The Top 10 People Who Should Never Rap) Growing up in the blog age forces young upstarts like Pryde and Kish to operate in a constant mode of reflexive evaluation; both are self-deprecating, quick to point out that they don’t take themselves quite as seriously as everyone else does. Kish, originally from Orlando, Fla., comprises 1/3 of hip-hop crew Kool Kats Klub, and is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.In response to a long analysis a fan posted of her song “Justin Bieber,” Pryde writes: “mostly I was just talking about myself literally being obsessed with justin bieber but i mean this is cool too.” For Pryde—and Kish, too—it’s just a good time. Her rap name is a play off Atlanta rapper Kilo Ali.Kish answers fans’ questions and posts images of aspirational home décor.Pryde writes about her family, her boyfriends, her mall job, her insecurities, and agrees with Internet haters’ comments about herself. His mother brought him up the best way she could but Danny fell victim to the street and ended up going to jail for eight months for selling drugs.

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