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Even if you don't find your next boyfriend or husband, at least you will be meeting many new people... Get more tips in my FREE book 5 Big Turnoffs That Drive Men Away.

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The vast majority will never knock on your door to ask you out (And if he did, would you actually open it? So, stop making excuses about how tired or busy you are and go out! Learning how to be friendly, flirty, and strike up a conversation will enrich your life and help you meet more men.

Break the ice for guys and let them know you are available, warm and open to them.

Courtney has made it clear that she "wants the magic"; she even went so far as to explain her desire to meet her dream man as they both simultaneously reach to pick up their vanilla skim lattes at Starbucks. How often do you think that sort of thing As a dating coach for women, I want to ask Courtney, "What are you doing to look for love besides ordering coffee?

" (And let's take a poll on how many men drink vanilla skim lattes.) When you leave your love life up to the magic of the Universe, you're likely going to wait a very long time for success.

You have to take some action — which means making yourself available.

You'll need to go out, smile at and meet men, and stop pining over the ones who got away.

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The idea that a wonderful guy will somehow magically appear without your taking part in the process is unrealistic and disempowering.

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