Daba dating banker

He sends a message to his girlfriend, telling her to meet him at a train station so they can elope together.

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But all plans go haywire when they execute their murder plans.

Pandu is killed at the scene, and later Sakthi and Mari blame Sardar and Bunker for abandoning their friend.

When these hardcore criminals break loose from the prison, Sakthi follows them, and they help him take revenge on his parent's killers.

They take a train to Mumbai, where they plan to become big gangsters.

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Meanwhile, Sakthi comes across a mute girl (Sanusha) in the neighbourhood.

After a few encounters, romance blossoms between them.

But as the train reaches a station, he is shot dead by a police officer.

The film ends with the mute girl waiting for Sakthi at a railway station down the line.

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