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She is a gifted mentor and sits on the board of several charitable organizations in Los Angeles. In her accounting she lets us share in her dates with The Architect, the Neurologist, and the Plastic Surgeon.

In between there was the Art Dealer, the Boy Next Door, The Investment Banker, the Drummer Boy. She also gives us some rules of "Netiquette" we should follow if we are inclined to use the Internet for our dating pool.

Are you tired of joining dating sites only to be pushed into paying just to talk to the other members? You can see and communicate with every one of the hundreds of thousands of singles in the Cyber Dating Network totally free.

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Find out how swiping right lead her into his arms and to the altar.

With Tinder now reporting that 80% of their members...

Once it beeps, slide out the middle panel, and your sandwich is ready.

We're here to critique your profile to help you catch his or her digital eye, teach you how to flirt on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, master the art of swiping right on Tinder and mobile dating apps, and help you decipher those cryptic text messages.

[Read more] When David’s dad requested that I critique his son’s profile on Ok Cupid, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw.

David did not have an Irresistible Profile, not even...

The last time she was at my shop was when she drove with me to the real estate agent to collect the keys and wandered through the shell that is now Magnolia Kitchen.

The reason I'm telling this story is having Rose in my shop watching, working and observing me, having her then tell me how proud she is of how far I've come, of what I've achieved really made stop, really stop and listen ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Rose reminded me the last time she helped me out with Magnolia Kitchen I was baking cakes late at night in my home Kitchen while she sat at the bench and packaged fudge, she often came over on evenings to help with packing and admin, I'd dictate the email she would type it...

5 Dance, Tumbling & Fitness studios/warehouses, larger weight room, full time childcare, new protein shake bar, dance wear area & larger lobby!

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