Creative usernames for dating websites

And yes you love puppies and cute babies but these don’t belong in your profile picture.

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Don't wrap your arms round yourself, hide behind glasses or turn away from the camera, no matter how cool and casual the image looks.

It's off-putting online, instead face the camera and try to look approachable, less pouty and more smiling.

Let people imagine themselves spending time with you in your life. A lot apparently, here’s how to pick the perfect username for your dating profile. Think "brown eyed blonde" or "Jennifer Aniston’s Twin".

Don't try to be award-winningly creative or original here, let your profile text and photos do the work.*side note* I am not too sure about this one, but who am I to argue with the expert? Don’t be afraid to include something intriguing, like "something you'd never guess by looking at me is..." and add a claim to fame or a childhood ambition. This is dating 101, it gives the impression that you’re not over an ex.

People don't read them, or they worry they'll never match up.

Keep it to two things, not five, and again, lose references to "lip". Selfies work very well online, but maybe lose the scarf. Saying you enjoy great company is good, but don't immediately mention your cat like he's your only idea of great company.​Don't mention bed. Use the interests section to help a potential dater picture going on a date with you, and give them an idea of what type of date you'd like. OK so our profiles were imaginary and in some cases partly fictional (there is no cat called Bert), but we definitely learnt a lot about what to try and what to avoid.

Help them build up a picture of being in a relationship with you. What do you think of Kate's tips, will you be updating your online profile.

Tweet us @sofeminine UKThis article was written by Tolani Shoneye.

Online dating is no longer the happy couple's dirty secret.

Single Americans are increasingly turning to online dating sites to find that special someone.

The number one issue that puts daters off is "photos showing a dramatically different body shape".

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