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#Men are curious Every time a man sees an attractive and desirable woman, one of the first things he does is wonder how she looks beneath her clothes.

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And every now and then, he misses the times he’s spent with the little guy.

Hanging out with his hands in his shorts can at times, even feel a lot better than sex.

And one scenario doesn’t affect his interest or performance in the other.

Why men like porn Men like porn for a lot of reasons.

] Will your guy watching porn affect your relationship?

Nope, his interest in watching porn has nothing to do with the relationship status.

All breasts may seem like the same for women, but those subtle dissimilarities between one pair and another make the men want to see all of them.

[Read: Why men likes breasts] # Men get to learn new things in bed Most of the time, men watch porn only to satisfy themselves, but every now and then, men watch porn because it’s funny or completely unique. # Masturbation is fun Almost all men have spent a big part of their single life with the little boy in their pants.

A man could sit up in bed and stare at the beautiful woman sleeping in bed with him, and he may do that too.

Women should feel mighty pleased to know this, men only care about porn when they’ve got absolutely nothing important to do.

Men usually end up watching porn if they’ve been busy working on their computer all night.

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