Couples who met through internet dating connecticut

How can these sites help you find romance, and what pitfalls should you be aware of?

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Couples who met through internet dating connecticut

For example, when you read in a man’s profile that he’s a movie buff, you might think that's something you have in common, but when you get to talking about movies on your date you realize that you’re a foreign film aficionado, while he’s obsessed with horror flicks.

One study of online daters found that most viewed each other as similar, and liked each other less, after than before their offline dates (Norton et al., 2007).

You can feel confident in your decision about which car to buy when there are only three under consideration, but if there are hundreds, you’ll constantly second-guess yourself and wonder if you could have done better.

The same principle applies to online dating: The sheer number of potential partners creates abundant choice.

Not surprisingly, physically attractive people are more successful at online dating (Hitsch et al., 2005).

But in real life, after we get to know someone and like their personality, we begin to find them more physically appealing as well (Kniffin & Wilson, 2004).

In short, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee you will go out on dates!

In the quest to find romance, more of us have turned to online dating.

So if one dater doesn’t suit the bill, there are hundreds more who could be better.

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