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When I first caught wind that the Post-Dispatch sports editors were considering me for the Blues' beat in 2005, I couldn't believe it.

I called every family member I had and told them that it might happen.

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So to me Kostin and Thompson have a chance maybe to get in a few games this year.

My guess is that the Blues would have to be fairly decimated by injury. I've spoken with both players recently and both believe they're on track.

The thing I don't want, though, is for this chat to be about me. Just like everyday for the last 12 years when I wanted my articles to be about the Blues, not the writer. Out of Kostin, Kyrou, and Thompson, who (if any) do you see getting a shot at the pro level next year?

You love the team, I was just fortunate to be able to deliver the news to you. If the Blues stay healthy, a big if, it's going to be hard for any of them to get a crack this year.

But as my children got older (they're now 8 and 4), I realized that I was missing a lot.

I don't want them to suddenly be 18 years old and I missed out on everything. Soon I will be able to tell you what I'm doing next and I think you will like what you hear.

If you have to choose between Petro and Parayko which are you taking? If you're starting a team today, I think you have to take Parayko. Very, very tough call, but I think you've got to go with the younger guy with massive upside.

JR, is this the last chat with P-D or will we see you next week Friday? This was the last chat for me, but you will be in great hands at the Post-Dispatch moving forward. Time now to go pick up the kids from school and explain to them why daddy has watery eyes.

I'm sure many of you have gone through something similar, so you know the feeling.

Well, I had a job to do after that, and a fun one, so I poured my heart into it over the last decade or so.

We'll have to wait and see what the situation is when he's ready to return, as a lot can change.

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