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Never give a lender money upfront for a loan approval – if you run into that, you must report that lender to the authorities – strictly against the law in all States of the Union.

I have been using credit cards to pay for food and car fuel for the last 2-3 years because of the monthly short-fall of cash.

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As it played out, he had been using all of his credit cards to pay basic bills and get groceries for the family – and he didn’t have a way to pay them off at the end of each month.

And it’s embarrassing when your credit card is declined for one carton of milk.

All of our lenders that we have in our system have to obey Fed and State laws regarding usury, and we have a watch-dog method of tracking their behaviors with borrowers that use this site.

BUT, we count on our users to let us know if there is a lender that all of a sudden decides to start behaving like a predatory lender.

This type of loan is known as a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

In general, a HELOC has a better interest rate than other debt consolidation loans, but is also more risky than the other types of loans because you can lose your home if you fail to make payments as required.

Most debt consolidation involves credit card balances or student loans, although it can also work for other types of debt.

Mortgage lenders often provide consolidation loans that use your home as collateral for your debt.

I needed a loan for around 45000 to sort out my finances, and I never got it. Anyway, this is your story, and the applicant’s story from below – he got approved based on income only.

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