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On March 14, Al Gore clinched the Democratic nomination.

None of Bradley's delegates were allowed to vote for him, so Gore won the nomination unanimously at the Democratic National Convention.

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Nationwide, this was the fourth presidential election in which the winner received fewer votes than his opponent.

After the election, recounts conducted by various news media organizations continued a primary focus on ballots that machines read as not showing a vote.

Gore easily defeated Bradley in the primaries, largely because of support from the Democratic Party establishment and Bradley's poor showing in the Iowa caucus, where Gore successfully painted Bradley as aloof and indifferent to the plight of farmers.

The closest Bradley came to a victory was his 50–46 loss to Gore in the New Hampshire primary.

While former basketball star Michael Jordan campaigned for him in the early primary states, Bradley announced his intention to campaign "in a different way" by conducting a positive campaign of "big ideas".

The focus of his campaign was a plan to spend the record-breaking budget surplus on a variety of social welfare programs to help the poor and the middle-class, along with campaign finance reform and gun control.The general election in November is also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College; these electors in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.President Bill Clinton, a Democrat and former Governor of Arkansas, was ineligible to seek reelection to a third term due to restrictions of the Twenty-second Amendment.On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday expect sun and highs in the low-to-mid-60s, with temps in the mid-40s; low 50s during the evening.The United States presidential election of 2000 was the 54th quadrennial presidential election. Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton was ineligible to serve a third term due to term limitations in the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, and Vice President Gore was able to secure the Democratic nomination with relative ease.The narrow margin there triggered a mandatory machine recount the next day, after which Gore requested hand recounts in four counties, including three in populous South Florida, as permitted by law.

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