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See: Exercise-based rehabilitation improves fitness and functional ability for people with long-term conditions.1 These outcomes are hugely important because they make a substantial difference to people's lives and to the economy.

comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes-74

The majority of measures had no reported validity or reliability testing.

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The search strategy included combinations of keywords and MESH terms which were exploded.

Truncations of words were used and search terms were prefixed with ‘ti, ab’ to ensure the results would contain these words in the abstract.

Results 58 studies were included, reporting 61 different measures including 29 questionnaires, 29 logs, two visual analogue scales and one tally counter.

Only two measures scored positively for one psychometric property (content validity).

Self-report measures can overestimate as well as underestimate how much people actually do.3 Individuals’ attitudes and beliefs, coupled with the beliefs of people they interact with, influence intention to exercise,4 as well as actual levels of exercise adherence.

Replies to questions asked about adherence may reflect what the person feels is the desired response rather than a true appraisal of their behaviour, giving a falsely positive estimate of adherence.5 6 This may be one reason why unsupervised home-based exercise programmes are deemed ineffective, when in reality ‘an insufficient regimen effect’ has occurred.7 For the purposes of this review adherence is defined as the degree behaviour corresponds with an agreed on recommendation.

These searches were originally performed on 19 January 2012 and updated on 27 June 2013.

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