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So, the golden rule of motoring: if you own a car – insure it.

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The table below shows the average price by quarter for the last year.^^ But that’s not the only way to measure whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

At comparethemarket.com, we use something called the ‘insurance savings variable’.

Whether you’re looking to beat your current provider’s renewal quote or you’re looking to insure a new vehicle, our simple and easy to use comparison service can save you time and help you find a cheaper car insurance deal.

The numbers speak for themselves - you could save up to £289***.

If you’re caught without it, then you could be fined £300 and given six penalty points.

If you end up in court, then you could face an unlimited fine and even be disqualified from driving.

Have a look at our Premium Drivers report to see where we’re up to at the moment.

If you can, buying an annual car insurance policy is cheaper than paying by monthly instalments. From first time drivers to over 50s, from Fords to Ferraris we help find the right car insurance policy for you.

Invest in security - whether that's parking off-road or buying an approved alarm.

Add a named driver - adding an experienced driver to your policy could lower the cost, but don’t fall into the trap of fronting where you put a more experienced driver as the main policy holder and add another person as a named driver, when actually the named driver will be doing most of the driving. Avoid modifications - they’re not all bad but always think twice about giving your car a facelift.

Don’t go mad on optional extras - only buy what you need, international cover might sound great but hardly worth it if you only drive to the shops and back.

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