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27 Reason for closure: vermin infestation Location: 24416 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance Close date: Oct. 25 Reason for closure: sewage discharge Location: 15034 S.

30 Reason for closure: vermin infestation • Pollos El Brasero Location: 1353 W.

Does keeping food cold or freezing it extend its best-before date?

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Consumers can also contact manufacturers for information about freezing and storing their products. Do foods in other countries have the same warnings about when they may go bad? Food and Drug Administration does not require food firms to place "expired by," "use by" or "best before" dates on food products, although U.

Standards about when foods expire or are best differ in various countries.

The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety says refrigeration slows down but does not stop bacterial growth, so food can still go bad.

Some food can be frozen to keep beyond its best-before date, but how long it can be safely frozen depends on the type of food and its ingredients.

The labels, or "open dating," are meant to tell grocers how long to keep items on shelves. The real label you want to look out for is "Use By," which provides the best clue for freshness.

But consumers should know they're safety dates, according to the U. Once that date passes, the food won't be at its best quality.If you see a date, you'll definitely want to buy the eggs before they expire, but you can actually store them in your fridge for three to five weeks.Two weeks: Hot dogs, sandwich or deli meat, hot dogs unopened; five to seven days if opened.Here is a list of restaurants and food vendors closed or allowed to reopen by the county Department of Health Services for the week ending Oct. 25 Reason for closure: vermin infestation Location: 16300 W. 28: Location: 13127 Crenshaw Blvd., Hawthorne Close date: Oct. 24 Reason for closure: vermin infestation Location: 3331 W. 24 Reason for closure: vermin infestation Location: 1749 W.

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