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I asked a former New Yorker I met there if Cincy had such a place, and he recommended Eden Park on the city's east side.

Eden Park is filled with pretty gazebos, nice statues and spectacular views of the city.

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These would be great make-out spots, if only there were people with whom to make out. Indeed, several locals told me that a large sports league had chosen the bar that night as a gathering place, which may explain why it was so crowded. Adams district turned out to have several decent bars, but most were pretty empty.

This was the so-called happening neighborhood, but its central area was about one and a half blocks long.

I wanted to investigate their much-touted wine bar, but upon entering I found no more than a dozen people in the bar, all of whom looked to be over 65. People are quite friendly in Cincinnati; they just appear to have no place to go. The concierge at my hotel had told me, "Just go to Main Street. Looking as far as I could see in every direction, I counted a total of nine pedestrians on the streets, several of whom appeared to be drunk vagrants. Given the scant opportunities for meeting people, I asked myself, how did this town ever get populated? Finding from that point on only the occasional bar or club--many of which had bars on the windows and looked to be populated by thugs--I decided to retreat to the hotel, making this conclusion: If you are young and single in Cincinnati, your best bet is to move.

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An organization called Cincinnati Progressive Action continues a boycott of the city's businesses, in protest of what it calls "economic apartheid." The locals with whom I had spoken were not optimistic about my prospects. The Isley Brothers are from Cincinnati; there must be some funky stuff here, or at least some good music.

After finishing a tour of Toyota Motor's (nyse: TM - news - people ) factory in Georgetown, Ky., about an hour south of the city, the two public relations people with whom I had spent the morning (both of whom were from Cincy) asked what I would be up to for the rest of the day. There are big publicly traded companies based in Cincinnati, including Procter & Gamble (nyse: PG - news - people ) and Cincinnati Financial (nasdaq: CINF - news - people ); surely their younger executives have local hangouts." I said, knowing that citizens of oft-maligned cities such as Detroit like to use this kind of question as an opportunity to talk up their hometowns.I visited this city on the southern tip of Ohio on a recent weekend, sent to investigate whether Cincinnati's reputation as a lousy town for young singles was justified.The more you give feedback on these recommendations, the more compatible single women in Cincinnati we can find for you.When creating your own profile, be detailed in describing yourself and your interests and ask Profile Pro experts if you need help capturing the real you.There are major problems in Cincy that may have caused the decline.

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