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My husband and I chatted about how chilly it was, the kite-flying experience and the epic car ride. Last year, the first gift I opened was a sweatshirt from our vacation to Myrtle Beach. No wonder the holiday season depletes us of energy and often takes our focus off of our marriage.

We've asked busy couples like you to share with us some of the traditions that have helped them stay connected.

In the midst of commitment overload, couples can stay connected by establishing traditions that celebrate and strengthen their love for one another.

The gifts my husband and I exchange are not elaborate but serve as souvenirs of our life together.

As you read their heartfelt stories, we hope you'll find inspiration for your own marriage this Christmas season.

It also reminds us that the greatest gifts in life are the times we share with each other.

— The Christmas season can be filled with so many events that it's difficult to find time for each other.This date-night stroll has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions!— About an hour before bedtime, I pull together a quick snack and wrangle our three boys into the living room.We've found that this music helps us realize how much God has changed us throughout the years and how blessed we are.The Christmas music even gives us an opportunity to reminisce about childhood Christmases before we'd even met.My husband and I don't want to give up our holiday traditions, but we desperately need time as a couple.

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