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Because of the time men and women spend with one another while dating, couples inevitably develop progressively deeper levels of emotional intimacy.You could say that dating relationships are like intimacy incubators.

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He/she must also be striving faithfully grow as a follower of Christ.

As two individuals each strive to become more like Christ, there will be a deepening commitment to a common set of goals and values between them.

The believer who is serious about honoring God should never consider partnering with someone who will not encourage and stimulate his/her spiritual growth. God calls men to be lovers (Ephesians -30), learners (1 Peter 3:7), and leaders (Ephesians -24) of their wives.

Christian women should be looking for men who will be committed to sacrificially loving them as Christ sacrificed Himself for the good of the church.

For these reasons, I believe couples ought to enter into dating relationships with the expressed goal of determining whether they should be married.

There is certainly no problem with couples enjoying the time they spend with one another as they date.

While there are some points on which there can be little debate because the Bible provides such clear answers, on other points, good people often arrive at different conclusions.

What follows is my attempt to address her questions about the subject…

As intimacy deepens, the opportunities increase for couples to defraud one another by stirring up passions that cannot righteously be fulfilled.

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