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You are given the option of choosing your own doctors and hospital, but there are discounts available for using networked professionals.

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He didn't want to give up because Mia felt like 'part of the family,' but his hopes were beginning to dwindle after the first year.

It wasn't until September that Mr Gardiakos received a call from Central Animal Records to say Mia had been taken to a vet and her microchip scanned.

She seemed to know where home was.' He plans on making sure the back fence is in good condition now that Mia is around again.

While it essentially serves the same purpose as health insurance, they are very clear that it is NOT insurance.

Each month all the members pay their “share” (a fixed amount depending on the plan you select) into an account with their name on it to America’s Christian Credit Union.

The funds in all of those accounts are what pay the member’s medical bills each's safe, free and easy Join Now Join the premier destination for Assyrians looking for a match maker.Assyrian singles join everyday for relationship and friendship in this civil Assyrian community.A dog owner was left devastated when his puppy jumped over the back fence and disappeared, only to return seven years later and recognise him.Jim Gardiakos' English staffy Mia was only little when she leapt the six foot high fence in 2010 and ran away from the Altona Meadows property.Members choose to share with each other, governed by member-voted guidelines.

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