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And I think keeping positive – keeping one step ahead has been fantastic. And I have over three years of traveling the states with Ghost Hunters.

And of course we always continue to think outside the box. And for us, I have to thank Steven that as a complete unit we are making fantastic shows and are having wonderful investigations and this episode that’s coming up on the 5th of December, Hamlet’s Castle, or the 5th of January, sorry at Hamlet’s Castle.

And however, what we did discover was the first time that we have ever filmed this type of phenomenon on TV. And I don’t know, maybe some of the differences perhaps working with the GHI team?

We’re now understanding that this is a different thing all together. Erika Blake: Are you ready for a deep sea expedition there Kris? I’ve always been game for whatever they throw at me.

And so those things that are run by batteries and things like that. Now they can’t obviously drain batteries and things like that. And what there are, you know, over seven million corpses down there.

Question: Barry, I wanted to find out maybe if you could tell us a little bit about what it’s been like to sort of take over as the lead investigator this season? And I’ve got some of the side effects to some of this negative, these negative influences. And it seems okay if you’re being haunted by an old washing machine or maybe an old TV. Before they actually arrive on the ship, before they see the ship, the hairs stand on the back of their necks.

And perhaps maybe a little bit about the case you guys investigated in Demark if you don’t mind. It was just dark and stone and dirt and it’s just a completely different world. But no use really in the paranormal itself because we as a body produce a weak DC (field). And we started to see manipulation of equipment within the DC ranges.

Barry Fitzgerald: What we have seen April is that there is a manipulation of the low-end DC EMF. ((Crosstalk)) Barry Fitzgerald: Yes, we did some sub-sections of it.

Like can get into your laptop or can get into like that medium? But can it get into your phone or I mean is this some – would be, I mean, I don’t know. And everybody talks about how evil they are and how bad they are. But, I have a hard time with it because I did notice that after we started using it we had stuff happening in our house. Question: You think that the Ouija board is a portal for any kind of a (unintelligible) spirits still come into your house with a Ouija board? And however, there have to be certain protocols that have to be met as well before that can happen. Do you think the Catholics, especially, you know, The Exorcist and the spirits and the saints and everything, do you think the Catholics are just more receptive to the idea of the paranormal? I’ve heard, over here it’s all, it’s a lot of Civil War soldiers and Revolutionary stories. ((Crosstalk)) Kris Williams: It’s funny because I messed with Ouija boards growing up here and there. Barry Fitzgerald: For me, I see the board itself is simply just a board. And in a way, yes the board itself can open a portal. Do you think the Catholics are more open to paranormal than other like Christian varieties? Kris Williams was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire as the oldest of three children.Her close-knit family was always open to the possibility of the paranormal - specifically ghost hauntings."My mom grew up in a house that was very active [with paranormals] and my father's side has had several experiences over the years," said Kris. But I think Ireland as a whole is a great island for storytelling. And even within our great cities with the electric lights and everything else. It’s just how we perceive what is actually happening. Well my last question to follow-up on that is do you think a malevolent spirit or a paranormal spirit could actually get into your technology? I’m looking at it from the ocean side where he would obviously have seen it. And I would have liked to have spent more time at the castle.

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