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Newcomer Kelsey Tucker wrote and also produced the film, with Scott South serving as exec producer.The deal was negotiated by Josh Spector on behalf of Gravitas with Tucker on behalf of the filmmakers.

One month later, he and Katie Holmes announced they were calling off their engagement and splitting after five years together. During this time, he says he auditioned for most major roles in studio films that required “a square-jawed actor,” to no avail. This was a turning point for Klein after years of struggle with alcohol addiction, and he checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab facility for a 60-day alcohol addiction program.“Living with addiction is not living, it’s existing and barely hanging on,” he says.

According to Klein, despite their close proximity, the two incidents weren’t related. In May 2010, an embarrassing audition tape surfaced online that Klein had shot years earlier for Mamma Mia! “I was sick and tired of feeling that way and I didn’t know how to not feel that way, so I got help.” Today, Klein is now 19 months sober and counting.

Klein didn’t think much of it, but then received a call that summer that Payne wanted him to audition for the film.

After enrolling at Texas Christian University, he received a call one day in his dorm room that Payne liked his audition, and offered him the role of Paul Metzler, a polite, dopey football player opposite Reese Witherspoon in 1998’s Election.

“I’m a red-blooded American dude, liked to drink, and took it way too far.

But I’ve got a lot more to contribute than being some teen heartthrob who did a couple of movies and then flamed out. His drinking problem had gotten so out of control that he’d often find himself boozing solo in his house, and blacking out. ”Chris Klein’s journey from the fields of Nebraska to film stardom is the stuff of E! Born in Illinois, Klein and his family moved to Omaha when he was 13, and he enrolled in Millard West High School. About a decade later, in June 2010, Klein found himself alone in a jail cell, having been busted for his second DUI.not unlike all those vampires today.”After the clunky romantic drama Here On Earth and road comedy Say It Isn’t So, Klein had two films that were predicted to be Hollywood blockbusters released on back-to-back weekends in 2002: a remake of the cult film Rollerball, and the Vietnam War drama We Were Soldiers, opposite Mel Gibson.Unfortunately, Rollerball became a legendary bomb, grossing just north of million worldwide against a ballooning budget, and overshadowing Klein’s nuanced supporting turn in the comparatively well-received Soldiers. “I realized I had to get it straight and realize what the f--k was going on because the me that I knew was slipping away,” said Klein in a sit-down interview with The Daily Beast. During his senior year of high school, he played Tony in the school’s production of the musical West Side Story. Alexander Payne, an up-and-coming filmmaker behind the abortion-themed black comedy Citizen Ruth, was scouting locations for his upcoming high-school comedy, Election.

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