Chris and sara dating

There he finds her 3 minus essay which he reads out loud, to Eva's annoyance.

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The girl says that Eva has to go to the party since everyone is going and that Eva is a first year and that this will lay the foundation for her social life for the next three years and that Eva should wake up.

The girl's tone is quite harsh and Eva stares at her.

Jonas asks why and Eva explains that the whole school is going, and that they are first years. Jonas tries to cheer her up with a smile and a kiss.

She recites Argentina, saying that this will lay their foundation for their social life. Eva tries to convince Jonas to go, promising that it will be a lot of fun. Eva is happy, but then Jonas imposes the condition that he'll only come if Isak can come to the cabin next week. Jonas explains that he knows it was supposed to just be the two of them, but that Isak will have nothing to do. He asks what she thinks of it, and Eva agrees that Isak is allowed to come with them.

However, at the end of 10th grade, Jonas, Ingrid's boyfriend at the time, cheated on Ingrid with Eva, subsequently causing their conflict in Season 1.

Tuesday September 22, 2015 Eva is introduced when Jonas is reading his essay and she claps for him, stating it was good.

Jonas says he totally forgot about it and it seems genuine.

Eva is annoyed and Jonas assures her that he forgot.

As Eva watches, she is suddenly approached by a girl who asks her if she will be at the at the show.

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