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However the Khitan language has now been found by modern linguists to be a Mongolic language and is unrelated to the Solon language. Qianlong also promulgated a theory that the Daur people were descended from a Khitan clan, changing the Khitan clan name 大賀 dàhè, found in the History of Liao, to 達呼爾 dáhūěr.

The Chinese transcription of the Manchu clan name Niohuru 鈕祜祿 (Niuhulu) was edited and inserted in place of the Jurchen clan name 女奚烈 (Nüxilie). A learned committee, consisting of Chinese, Manchus, Mongols, western Mohammedans, etc.

The histories were in fact hastily compiled and suffered from inaccurate and inconsistent phonetic transcriptions of the same names.

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Transcription of foreign terms may date to the earliest surviving written records in China, the Shang oracle bones.

As the Huaxia spread from their initial settlements near the confluence of the Wei and Yellow rivers, they were surrounded on all sides by other peoples.

As the name implies, the work consists of a dictionary of common names.

It also includes transcription tables for names and terms which are not included.

In practice, transcriptions based on both Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciations have been used.

In Singapore, transcription standards are established by the Translation Standardisation Committee for the Chinese Media.

Increasingly, other countries are setting their own official standards for Chinese transcription and do not necessarily follow Xinhua's versions, just as Xinhua's version differs from Wade–Giles and other international standards.

For example, the United States embassy in China recommends rendering "Obama" as “欧巴马” (Ōubāmǎ), while Xinhua uses “奥巴马” (Àobāmǎ).

The History of Jin contains a list of Jurchen words phonetically transcribed with Chinese characters.

In the History of Yuan, Mongol names were phonetically transcribed in Chinese characters.

Qianlong identified the Solon language with the Khitan, the Manchu language with the Jurchen, and the Mongolian language with the Mongolian.

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