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And, then add in a drawn out legal disentanglement, with the sense of injustice and dis-empowerment that can go along with it. Thank goodness for good judges (an overworked lot, but most are excellent despite the workload and daily drama). You are pissed off at your husband because he has a new lover, and you can’t help but try to get you children to side with you. You hate your wife for taking so much money…funds that you earned with hard work, perseverance, and sweat. One Answer – The Intelligent Divorce I designed The Intelligent Divorce Course to help families navigate divorce with, yes, intelligence. When someone gets too many tickets the government mandates that they take a course in driving, so they know the mistakes they are going to make before they make them.

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And along the way in my reading I have seen other versions with no indication of authorship.

The point however, is that even in divorce, adults still have responsibilities to fulfill for their children. They must live with the decisions that their parents make for them.

If one set of parents learn how to fight without involving the children, a child’s soul is spared.

And, if a single parent has to do it alone, there are ways to be successful as well.

Believing in and following this basic bill of rights for your children will go a long way toward helping them successfully deal with your decision to divorce.

I have the right to not have to choose between my parents.

It is my right to not be expected to choose with whom I will live. I have the right to not be expected to make adult decisions.

Having to make this kind of choice will always hurt someone, and therefore, me. I have the right to remain a child and not replace a parent in my duties, or to act as an adult companion, personal friend or comforter to my parents.

This is especially important if you or your ex are feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, another way you can empower a child if by giving them the attention they need and deserve without dragging them into the middle of your conflict.

They are often dis-empowered by the loss of support during a divorce. We live a short life here on this planet, and every man and woman should have the opportunity to find the peace and reward of being loved.

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