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Three miles of beach break that is popular with many longboarders and beginners in Orange County due to it\\'s consistency and good vibes.

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You will notice the longshore current as you enter the water, causing you to drift along the beach. Not a hazard for swimmers, unless there is a north wind, the longshore current will sweep you towards the jetty where it will become a rip current sucking out to sea.

The tide plays an important factor in water depths in the surf.

The most common mistake drowning victims make is to panic and try to swim directly toward the shore.

Eventually, the excess water starts to return seaward through low areas in the sandbar, "ripping" an opening.

South Padre Island, the gem of the Texas coast boasts miles of tropical beach front resort shoreline and a warm family friendly atmosphere that is perfect for your beach vacation.

The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico make your action packed vacation a dream come true.The water will suck underneath the wave as it breaks.This "undertow" can sweep a weak swimmer off of their feet and into deeper water, and he may panic as the wave crashes over his head.They automatically zoom with the tide and our set detection software allows you to replay only the best recent images recorded by the webcam.Add in industry leading HD quality webcams and you have the very best webcam service for any surfer.The undertow disperses almost immediately until the next wave approaches, then the cycle starts again.

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