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The probe was spurred by a March 8 letter sent to Coastal Carolina President David Decenzo by someone who signed their name only as “Concerned Parent.” It alleged that the school’s cheerleaders were engaging in prostitution, underage drinking, drug use and academic fraud.

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The investigation is ongoing and the team remains suspended, a university spokeswoman confirmed to The Post.

The school provides limited scholarships to some cheerleaders.

“I am shocked and saddened to see these girls become victims of these baseless claims from an anonymous source,” she said.

“Even more disheartening is that these girls were not permitted due process in their own defense to show just how outlandish and ridiculous these allegations truly are.” In an email to The Post, the Coastal Carolina spokeswoman declined to explain why the cheerleading team is suspended even though the school’s investigation turned up nothing that would seem to be illegal.Cheri Nickolay, whose daughter Anna was forced to do the splits but was not filmed, said it "made [her] sick to my stomach. Since the footage came to light, Mr Williams, the assistant coach, the principal, the assistant principal and the Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel have been placed on administrative leave.Denver Police have since launched an investigation into the incident.Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg released a statement in which he said: "Earlier today, I became aware of an exercise used at cheer practices this summer at East High School."We immediately began taking steps to investigate this issue, and our Department of Safety is supporting Denver Police in this effort.The school’s investigation is ongoing, Pylilo said.

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