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A serf was tied to the land, and could not leave without his lord's permission.

A serf also required permission to marry, to sell goods, or to change their occupation. Although this is considered a European condition, the circumstances of servitude are not unlike those experienced under several African kingdoms, such as that of the Zulu in the early nineteenth century.

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Ships from Europe (mainly England) would load with European goods sail to the west coast of Africa where they would the goods to purchase and load slaves (captured and sold by the Coastal African nations) onto ships (under terrible conditions) and sail them to America to be sold to slave plantations.

In return they would purchase sugar, spices, cotton etc and sail these back to Europe to be sold at a profit.

Debt bondage, bonded labor, or peonage, involves the use of people as collateral against debt.

Labor is provided by the person who owes the debt, or a relative (typically a child).

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