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I tried not to ogle her breasts and maintained rigid eye contact when possible or diverted my gaze toward other areas. I thought it was an odd coincidence at first, but everyone was well-groomed or completely shaved. My head started to burn, so we decided to seek shade in the pavilion.

Unfortunately, many of those areas included penises. We waited in a short line-row after row of bare buttocks-so I could purchase a commemorative T-shirt.

As a “family nudist” resort, there was also the slightly disturbing aspect of nude children and teenagers using the poolside area.

There was no background check, and as harmless as we appeared to be, it would’ve been too easy for anybody to just walk inside.

We were allowed to bring a towel to use as a blockade between our bare asses and wherever we sat.

The Eagles’ “I Can’t Tell You Why” played as we dipped our bodies into the pool. Poolside My two biggest fears ahead of the experience were accidental arousal and defecation.

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Among other rules, the colony maintains a strict no-clothes policy at all times. She had added “visit nudist colony” to her bucket list after reading David Sedaris’ “Naked.” “The idea of exposing your body to a large group of people, seemingly just for the sake of being naked, seems gratuitous,” she said. not only bucking a taboo, but doing so in a way that embraces what makes you you, without the excess of clothing or other markers.” As for myself, I’m not sure why I decided to do this.

After signing a few documents and paying a small fee, we were asked to return to our car and remove our clothes. I had planned to be in Nashville anyway, and the colony is only about 30 minutes outside the city.

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