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They were all pleasantly surprised when they went to the Castle and have frequently returned.

If you want to find high quality at great prices, go to the Castle. My bracelet's clasp broke and I needed to get it repaired.

I would totally recommend you to visit the Castle for all your jewelry needs!!!

I ordered two UK beads (one with "UK" and the other with a basketball) for my wife just before Christmas since UK is going tie take the national championship in basketball this year.

I ordered close to Christmas not expecting to receive it until after the holiday.

I was extremely pleased to have the package arrive 2 days after I ordered. Called the Lexington store and they had it in stock. I had previousley bought a necklace from and had to send it back because the picture was magnified about 10 times to the actual size.

Price was right, quality is great..wife loved them.

Shipping was laser quick, ordered one day had them on the 2 days later.Scroll down to see a directory of known warmlines around the US.Sign up for a warmlines electronic mailing list at Yahoo Groups!I will be going back again on-line looking for UK items. A warmline is a peer-run listening line staffed by people in recovery themselves.Lexington has been ranked among America’s most educated cities, inspiring technology companies to settle there.

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