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I have this vision of them in a small delicate vase on a dresser or on a jacket lapel.I did cut some flowers and brought them in the house, their fragrance got even stronger in the evening.As the baby cries in every scene, tension grows between Jasmine and Crosby.

Fragrance is very nice...maybe not quite as strong as Maid of Orleans but a typical fantastic Sambac scent. group,alphabetic_list,letter,first_mid=,1, J,&group=&alphabetic_list=1&letter=J&first_mid= Made a trip to Logees Greenhouse and stocked up on the J. What a treat....their catalogue is a mere drop in the ocean vs their Greenhouses (when last I went there they had 6 greenhouses. The Belle of India was in bloom - climbing up a pole in the greenhouse....exquisite fragrance. Chantall, but as mentioned on another posting, mine has a very weak fragrance, unfortunately. I too love Tops site..of info...great pics..more plants for my wish list then I'll have in a life time... My MOO obviously is in a probably one of my strongest scent jasmines....course I've not exp. What an amazing trip that must have feel like heaven or what?!?!? The photos of this flower petals on Daves' plant file are curly/wavy. I haven't bought from them in a long time but I can't even imagine being able to GO to their nursery.

Wish there was a definitive method of telling the Sambacs apart. The rampant JS I have creeping all over the ground is defintiely J. Must be the soil......mmm, maybe my nose as well...........!!!

dept=&pagenumber=9&sort_on=title&sort_by= Top Tropical has an excellent Jasmine Sambac ID page.

Season five opens with Jasmine and Crosby picking out car seats for the baby that is close to arriving.

Grand photos (recently received and/or cats being shown in the current show season). To submit a photo to our grand gallery, please contact Virginia Wheeldon @ [email protected]

C'est la période de l'année où tout le monde s'empresse de trouver une tenue pour se déguiser.

They are forming new flower buds again and won’t slow down until they are back in the basement wintering over.

Now it’s the time other jasmine give their performance. The delicate white flowers are bigger than the “Maid of Orleans”, around an inch in diameter, with longer petals, and they smell just as sweet. The “Grand Duke of Tuscany” jasmines () also start to bloom. Each flower has one inch diameter with multi layers of petals and strong jasmine scent.

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A l'aise sur son tapis volant, le chat Jasmine semble bien dans la peau de son personnage.

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