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NOTE: We are currently researching these Daniel Swarovski marks and hope to have more information on them soon.

SWOBODA 1955- present Edward Swoboda original owner, 1955-1978, Los Angeles, California Nate Waxman worked there 1957-1978 and then started his own Swoboda-like line, still making them today.

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Originally sold at better department stores More Swoboda Jewelry TORTOLANI 1950-1976 back in business 2002 I am told that Tortolani is still in business as of about 2002 and is again producing the cactus set, roses set, and Zodiac. May 2003- The AB Group, parent company of Legere, has announced the acquisition of the W. Richards Company (AB Group) 40 John Williams St, Attleboro, Massachusetts. ZENTALL (In one example, a paper and foil hang tag on a very simple pewter bracelet reads: "Robert Zentall, American Pewter.

The only way to tell is that the newer sets have a small triangle near the signature. Co., "Pompeian Gold" Connecticut & Florence Aves., Bridgeport, Conn. Richards In 1907, Richards sold his shares to Raymond Horton and C. This jewelry is made of the finest quality, lead free American Pewter.

VEGA MADDUX California, c 1970's-1997 Used semi-precious gem stone beads, ivory and enameling in large scaled jewelry. Makers of turn-of-the-century jewelry caskets, seen HERE. It's hand finished patina will be accentuated by wear.") it is no longer possible to respond to individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, or to offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions.

This mark, which is a hand engraved signature, is faint and hard to photograph. (Source: Jewelry & Kindred Trades, 1914, page 147.) W. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill.

He also could have made a fortune for himself by bottling and selling Fanta under his own name.

Instead, in the face of having to work for the German government, he kept the company back to its German operations and handed over both the profits from the war years and the new soft drink.

SCP sterling mark unknown maker, thought to be an English mark, found on this unusual brooch: Example: CLEAR "SCP" England sterling silver with "pastes" (clear rhinestones) flower pin, articulated in 3 sections and has nice movement when worn, it has a safety closure mechanism.

View View "DS" Daniel Swarovski Sterling mark including the swan logo and "925".

The histories of a number of popular consumer items have been rumored to have at least tenuous connections with certain unsavory elements.

Contemporary lore is rife with product rumors that assert ties to the Ku Klux Klan (e.g., Marlboro cigarettes, Snapple fruit drinks, KFC, Troop clothing, Tropical Fantasy fruit drink) and the Nazis (e.g., Coors beer), groups mainstream American society views as evil. Of all the product rumors of this class, only those associating the soft drink Fanta with Nazi Germany have anything to them, and even then, the truth of the matter is far more innocuous than the whispers.

So where does all this leave the question of who or what invented Fanta and why?

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