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Whether its live sketch or videos, all of their work is grounded in a simple principle. Nothing else really matters.” Adherence to this principle requires a very careful process of comic distillation.

“When we work, we’ve always got ‘whatever’s funniest’ written on the wall. “We sort of our sketches, if that reference makes sense.

“I’ve personally really enjoyed making [the pilot] because it’s so different and something that we’ve always wanted to do," he says.

"We’ve had to take the characters that have been developing in the live show and really refine them which has been awesome”.

I think that time helped us gauge each other's interests.” It was through this process of deliberation and workshopping that the Donna Boys seized on their essence.

“At some point we said, ‘You know what’s not really being done anymore?Stuff that’s big and dumb and silly.’ We’re all such fans of that style of comedy but it took us a long time to find a way to do it and do it in our own way.” Over their five years together, that basic premise has become an intricate world of characters and recurring bits.As Bonnano will tell you, it’s a world they are eager to explore further in their new sitcom, the pilot of which they’ve just finished filming.Fast, manic, and couched in an unpretentious sense of irony, their work combines a broad slapstick sensibility with a knack for finding the absurd in the everyday.Like most great comedy groups, it’s a product of their varied tastes.“Though if you see our shows, that might not seem like the case.” Fans can see the fruits of this process in action, when Aunty Donna return to the Melbourne Comedy Festival with their new show .

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