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Rather, it is operated by Central Source LLC, which is a joint venture created by the three credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and Trans Union.

Be warned: their website does NOT provide free credit scores! There are only four ways for consumers to get their real FICO scores.

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Classes are offered online, on-campus, at Parkland College and various locations throughout the Chicago area.

Since adults learn a great deal outside the traditional classroom, we offer the opportunity to earn credit for on-the-job training and other experiences.

However, since going live, the site has been the source of quite a few complaints: The similarly titled Free Credit took a lot of criticism for its similar sounding name (side note: they now focus on their other site, Free Credit instead).

But in all fairness, it’s not like Annual Credit has the best name either. Because with the word “annual” in there, many people assume that means once per year.

If you try to get your scores through their site you may have to enroll in a “free” trial with the credit bureaus that can be difficult to cancel during the 7-day grace period. The vast majority of website, including the offers from the bureaus through Annual Credit, use imitation scoring models that are not FICOs.

What they offer you is NOT used by lenders or creditors; it’s merely a score for “educational purposes.” If you want to get your real FICO, there are several sources licensed to provide it directly to consumers as of Q2 2016: Even though checking your reports through the Annual Credit website won’t get you your scores, it’s a great way to check your credit health and to make sure all the information is accurate.They think it means they can check their credit report from each of the three bureaus once per calendar year. Rather than going by calendar year, it goes by every 12 months.When the end of the year rolls around – like the fourth quarter – I regularly hear from consumers who rush to check all three credit reports, thinking the clock will reset on January 1.At EIU, each academic department takes great pride in the quality faculty members it employs. The General Studies program has the pleasure of being able to take advantage of all these tremendous instructors. Carrie Johnson for everything you do for your students and the program!Since the coursework required for our degree covers a wide range of subject matter, you'll have the opportunity to experience first-hand the wide-ranging excellence of the faculty here at Eastern Illinois University. " "EIU General Studies program was a perfect fit for me.But, the way this “free” trial is displayed *could* potentially mislead a consumer and be confusing to those who erroneously believe they’re on a government site.

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