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For the last week, the internet – and Facebook in particular – has been positively moist with the foamy, spittle flecks of an outraged, pitchfork wielding mob.This outpouring of outrage has been so verbose and so sudden that the internet has all but run out of upper case letters.DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP I AM WARNING YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

Parents who feel that Child mode is important and want their children to stay in that mode will probably be disappointed.

Two clicks in the same place – the Ü (or smiley face) button and then the toggle that appears next to it – and the training wheels are off.

To me they are innocuous and I wouldn’t be in the least bit concerned if my children heard them.

However this is a globally available product and Out Fit7 are clearly imagining that some parents somewhere will find the conversation unsuitable for their children because their own press statement describes Child mode as a ‘safeguard’.

I used Talking Angela when it’s not in Child mode and (much to the amusement of colleagues sat near me and the confusion and horror of those sat further away) have attempted to engage it with lewd (OK, filthy) conversation without luck.

Some of the questions and answers from Talking Angela are mildly flirtatious.

The statement sent by Out Fit7 to Naked Security describes Child mode as follows: ...users are given the option to play the Talking Angela app in child mode, a function specifically designed to safeguard young players.

Within child mode, the chat bot feature is disabled so Angela can respond only to touch and repeat what she hears over the microphone.

There is no explicit Adult mode so just who this cartoon cat is aimed at when it’s not in Child mode is unclear.

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