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I had predicted that I would be distrustful of the app itself, but then get sucked into it like the anime trash otaku that I I was completely right.

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I thought it actually started and I’ve been missing their episodes!

But so far Haikyuu’s second season has yet to start but it has been approved!

I was told that MDA has approved the licence and it was ready for collection.

About half an hour later, I received a call from an MDA officer saying that the licence was not ready and they were still processing.

She did not give any reasons and I demanded for a written letter. Meanwhile, MDA had a press conference for the local media at 3 pm at its premises to inform that they had cancelled the licence issued for the play SMEGMA.

The script of SMEGMA was given to the press members for private reading and collected back.

The attached supersedes the previous letter." Now, this fax had only one paragraph (para 2) to give a reason for the cancel- lation: 1 [para 2: After careful consideration, we find that the play undermines the values underpinning Singapore's multi-racial, multi-religious society, and portrays Muslims in a negative light."] * 2 Paragraph 2 from the earlier letter had disappeared and paragraph 2 has been amended.

Elangovan's TALAQ faced a different sort of problem in October 2000 from the then PELU (Public Entertainment Licensing Unit) of the CID (Criminal Investigation Department), Police. [Soldier 1 grabs Female and kicks her] Soldier 2: But the baby!

The advisory must be reflected in all publicity materials.' Today (Friday 4 Aug 06), at about 2.30 pm, I received a call from an MDA official who did not reveal her name.

She informed me that the licence which MDA issued to our group Agni Kootthu (Theatre of Fire) for the play SMEGMA has been cancelled.

\ 1 m i y fit *\s±mg if ¥-WM ELANGOVAN Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 OOelan feci W&Lo*'* ELANGOVAN ARTISTIC DIRECTOR AGNI KOOTTHU (THEATRE OF FIRE) SINGAPORE [email protected] SMEGMA ELANGOVAN Published by Elangovan, Singapore. ISBN 9-4 For the Oppressed known & unknown yesterday today tomorrow I've had enough of someone else's propaganda. I am for justice, no matter who it is for or against.

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