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I was surprised when I came across this cute little 70s lurex mini dress and found an unusual Van Raalte label in it.This little dress has a simple A-line shape with artful gathers at the bust to create a curvy shape.

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Dress styles ranged from lacy and ruffled peasant looks to form-fitting sleek silhouettes.

Loose fitting kaftans and muumuus were also very popular.

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As in every decade, the fashions of the 1970s were influenced by the social and political issues of the era.

He studied fashion at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in the early 50s and was a classmate of Yves Saint Laurent.

He worked at Nina Ricci and later Christian Dior designing lingerie and knitwear and also worked for Vanity Fair.

He is also known for his glamorous and extravagant colorful dyed furs he designed for Revillon in the 1960s and early 1970s.

His designs are described as "Seductive, luxurious, trendsetting, and expensive ..." Fernando created "At Home Wear" with an emphasis on lounging pieces for easy glam at home and was an initiator of the concept of lingerie being worn as outerwear.

Two piece suits, or leisure suits, consisting of matching tops and bottoms were very popular, as were one-piece jumpsuits. In no other decade has the bellbottom been as popular as it was during the 1970s. Toward the end of the decade, the shape of these pants started to become more narrow, eventually becoming more straight legged than flared.

(Bell bottom pants and a women’s pantsuit, via Miss Chloe Young) Maxi dresses were all the rage and could be seen ranging from slim-fitting to wide and flowy.

(Donna Summer in a variety of amazing disco outfits, via What the Frock?

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