Celebrity dating gone too far Chat with adult without credit

It’s treating the sport with contempt.”Barry Millns, who will commentate on the US Open for Sky, said: “I would feel uncomfortable calling her ‘Sugarpova’. What if someone decides to call themselves ‘Barclays Bank’ for the fortnight?It’s wrong.”He continued: “I wouldn’t have thought any broadcaster would allow their commentators to call her that. If this was true and she wins the title does it go down in the record books as Maria Sugarpova?

It’s one thing to look up to someone who has achieved success as a role model and to learn about their beliefs and philosophies, but it is quite another to consistently check first ‘what the celebrity would do’ before you make a decision.

It is vital for everyone to be able to trust their own instincts in making everyday decisions without feeling the need to constantly see what someone else would do.

David Mercer, who commentates for the BBC and Eurosport, said: “I will not be saying ‘Sugarpova’.

It strikes me as ludicrous if we’re getting to a situation where players change their names for two-week tournaments.

A celebrity lives their life like anyone else making decisions they feel are best for them and their lives.

To try and account what all those who admire them think is likely impossible; so odds are your celebrity crush will probably make a choice or a decision that you don’t approve of at some point.

Everyone takes little bits that they think are cool that a celebrity uses or does and applies them to their own lives.

That’s okay because in the process they make the thing their own.

It’s healthy for kids and teenagers to have posters on their walls of celebrities that they have crushes on. However, if as they reach the age of adulthood it grows to what has been described earlier in this paragraph than it means the person may not develop their own identity and be able to socially interact in a healthy way.

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