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She wears a leveled but unenchanted piece of jewelry, carries up to five apples, the castle key, the interior key and a large sum of gold.

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Olitski combined paint and canvas so that both an illusion of atmosphere and a literal continuous flatness exist at once.

Caro’s expansively additive sculptures are emphatically physically present, but they are simultaneously centerless, escaping any enclosing profile.

After that statement, the dining room normally used by the Countess for her 8pm meal will contain four dinner guests, all of which are your target for Sanguine's prank.

Alessia, the fifth and most important target, will also change her behavior and will wander around in the County Hall all day long, until she joins her guests at the table at 6pm.

A year later, Olitski and Caro had another conversation about making art as “naked” as possible, and after this conversation, Caro, in turn, embarked on a series of sparse, linear sculptures, constructed of rods and angle irons.

While working in dramatically different media, both artists shared a fundamentally similar approach and produced works which are both spare and reduced, but yet still remain open and unconstrained.

Upon awaking, she spends two hours wandering around her quarters until duty calls at 8am, when she positions herself on the throne in the county hall.

Starting at 10am, the Countess will occasionally (50% chance) get up and search for her friend Numeen in downtown Leyawiin, and will then return to her throne.

During a conversation with Caro there in the spring of 1964, Olitski famously remarked that an ideal situation for him would be to spray color into the air and somehow have it remain there.

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