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I worked in the corporate world and I do know that it seemed legit to me that there are COOs that are not lawyers at law firms.

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Later, she refers to certain law firms in particular that have non-lawyer COOs and those firms are fictional. But it’s something that is certainly legit because it could be true. We prefer to make it feel real rather than be real.

Does this open up the door for Harvey to get a new secretary?

He made a one-for-one deal with Mike to come back to the firm; we do a pro-bono, we do a corporate case.

That wasn’t the most prudent thing to do — it’s like if you were the head coach of a football team and promised a player they could play both football and baseball.

But first Harvey and Mike needed to reunite for one more corporate case involving a shady vodka dealer and some eager buyers, giving viewers one last nostalgic glimpse at the dynamic duo before their relationship changed again with Harvey’s new role at the firm.

Meanwhile, the episode also marked the return of Harvey’s former shrink Dr.

Even though she’s not Harvey’s secretary anymore, if we gave him a new secretary that might steal Donna’s role functionally from a story point of view.

We didn’t want anyone to steal her role away from the firm.

I don’t really care about watching somebody make appointments; it would have to be a story about what’s going on with the two of them.

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