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La réponse est évidente : le moment idéal est dès maintenant.Dans le Nord, chaque saison offre des expériences surréelles et mémorables.One of the best ways to plan your northern expedition is by booking an Artic cruise through Adventure Canada that sails through the article circle and provides you with a once in a lifetime educational expedition.

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#aventure Montréal #Northwest Territories is the best place on Earth to witness the cavorting #Aurora and the midnight sun. In winter, the weather gets weird, with sundogs, moonbows, trees frosted in glitter, and roads made out of ice. #Spectacular NWT : Yuichi Takasaka post shared by Salon Aventure & Plein Air (@salonaventurepleinair) on For those hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, I’ve been told that the Northwest Territories offers the best conditions for viewing.

The flat tundra terrain gives you an unobscured view of the sky’s shimmering glow on a clear night.

I'm looking forward to going through the photos I took today.

Until then I hope you enjoy this image of her from afar.

A post shared by Adam Whittingham (@adam_captures) on Tucked in-between Alberta’s Rocky Mountain in Jasper National Park is the historic Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

During construction of the Canadian National Railways, the Fairmont hotels were built to help spark tourism and travel in the areas along the route.Nunavut is not only Canada’s newest addition, but also it’s one of the more remote areas of the country set in Canada’s Artic Archipelago.This northern territory is made up of expanses of tundra, craggy mountains and remote villages that can only be reached by water or by air.It’s also home to the Nordik Spa-Nature, the largest Scandinavian spa in North America. This highway extends all the way to Alaska through the Yukon, making it the perfect road trip route for those hoping to explore the miles of unchartered wilderness in the Canadian north.Begin your RV adventure at the Tagish Lake at the Southern Lakes Resort, then pass through Whitehorse driving north through Kluane National Park all the way to Dawson City to relive the glory years of the Gold Rush.We hope you haven't forgotten about our lovely flower side of business. weddings_wond/12 #blackfoxflowers #yxe #blackfoxfarm A post shared by Black Fox (@blackfox_farm) on Swap the crowds for the charm of Saskatoon that sits along the bend of the South Saskatchewan River.

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