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As to exerting influence on the Executive Board: UReka tends to be much more supportive of the Executive Board’s policies than CC so they have far less to lose by walking out.

CC have accused UReka of being irresponsible, betraying its voters and giving the Executive Board free reign!

The chairperson would probably represent CC’s opinion and that opinion would also be the majority opinion of the council. Well, UReka would feel the chairperson is not being ‘independent’ and the Executive Board might feel the entire council was against it, which isn’t the “whole truth”, so to speak.

Similarly, if the chairperson would try to be more ‘independent’ and say: “CC opposes this, but UReka supports it because of reasons A, B and C.” CC might be pissed off at the chairperson, because if he had been more of a ‘tough guy’ then they might have gotten more concessions from the Executive Board.

It is an incredibly difficult and delicate job to perform and you simply cannot perform it ‘right’ since you always have to piss someone off.

This is made clearer by an example: imagine that UReka supports an Executive Board proposal that CC opposes.

(a privilege that CC presumes the Executive Board will gladly abuse! ) CC also mentions that UReka’s opposition to the principle of an internal chairperson means they have no trust in most of the legal systems of the world, including the Dutch one!

There is probably no easy way out from this stand-off, since both parties are using the most dangerous of Dutch words: ‘principieel’ which they like to translate as ‘principled’.

So, as chairperson you’re always wrong, no matter what you do! Even the most ethical chairperson (‘integriteit’ as CC calls it) will fail in this system because it is fundamentally unreasonable and demands the ‘independent chairperson’ walk an impossibly fine line.

From the perspective of the late mini-party Campussy (dearly beloved, dearly missed) you want the chairmanship in its current form to be fulfilled by a very weak individual without many opinions.

This simply means that UReka thinks they have less to gain inside the Council than outside of it. Go watch Thank You For Smoking and learn that if you argue correctly, you are never wrong.

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