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ot do Iwut on boo* on prot Mnt lo iwmbro dlmogoo n toowt b o. ■ IUVm OOT* 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 MCMoorr Rooumo N ran cnact (ANSI and HO TEST CHAKT No. All my dreams of love and freedom crys- tallized suddenly in*o Diaz. I cared nothing whatever for my aunt's indisposition. 2) 1.0 23 2.2 2.0 ■ U ^ ^IPPUED IM/1GE Inc j W to t Moki Strwt It ■f;f 1 .1 THE BOOK OF CARLOTTA r; ■' ■i PREFACE TO THIS EDITION Although nobody suspected the fact, this novel was planned as the third part of a trilogy of novels dealing chiefly with women. Indeed, I secretly accused her of maliciously choos- ing riiat night of all nights for her mysterious fatigue. I wanted to find you, but I couldn't." "Please do not let us talk about that," I stopped him.

ire II i 01 •0 M It re ^^ I ^^ wvt, ike long tdgkt thmgk, over f** foor womn qf the po M, so bmmlifid, 00 temler, »*m»et,wkomam» have opemdjbr the kue, omd •»• «» do Mit The Hee^U ie mmortai/ It raeeeejhm ly to Up^from cewhnp to eentm^^Jhm mte. X c,_„ '-^'l THE BOOK OP CARLOTTA PARTI m THE NIGHT THE BOOK OP CARLOTTA CHAFTERI m MOUt I BIf CBAim D F« 7t$n I had been preoccupied with thoiighti ol love — and by love I mctn « Bobk and tentuout pt Mioo, ab Mrbtng ^ «fgiet of the loul, fulfilling dettiny, and ndudiig all that hat gone before it to the level of • mew prelude. It, too, defied the amult of time and the invasion of ideas. Kai, grumbling inarticu Utely, pulled the be U of the great door of the houae.

^ THE HOUSE ENCHANTED 5 •nd a dignified reacrved confidence in Chritt'i Wood. I had told him to ga I did not wi,h to te U the driver to ga I u M nun m ipite of myielf.

Thooo too lorgo to bo Oiitlroly b Miudod In oim OKpoouio oro f Nmod bogi nnin g in tho uppor loft h Mid oomor. But Chopin, who was the chief factor m my emotional life; who had Uught Tk T! ^ ^ ^7 °^ «"^' ^*^ "*» tenderness; who had discovered for me the beauty that Uy in everything, in sensuous exalution as well as in asceticism, in grief as we U as in joy; who had shown me that each moment of life, no matter what its import, should be lived intensely and fu Uy; who had carried me with him to the loftiest heights of which passion is capable; whose music I spiritually com- prehended to a degree which I felt to be extraor- dmary- Chopin had almost no significance for me as I played then the most glorious of his composi- tions. And gradua Uy I perceived, as the soldier gradually perceives who has been hit by a bu Uet. The shock was of such severity that at first I had scarcely noticed it. And now Diaz wa« coming down to give a pianoforte redul in the Jubilee Hall at Hanbridge; Diaz, the darling of European capiult; Diaz, whose name in seven years had grown legendary; Diaz, the Liszt and the Rubinstein ol my generation, and the greatest interpreter of Chopin since Chopin died — Diaz! No such concert had ever been announced in the Five Towns, and I was to miss it!

H oot f Emd i portir do ronglo ■ up i i lo u r gouoho, do gouel M i droito. " Diaz represented for me, then, a U that I desired of men. Her long, handsome face was a little pale, and her dark eyes darker than usual. l O t HE BOOK OF CARLOITA She htd not ob.crved the tremour in my voi to the next concert." "Diaz will never come again! "And the ticket* will be wasted." "My dear," my Aunt Cons Unce repeated, "I *m not equal to it.' And you cannot go alone." I was utterly selfish in that moment.

An author may, if he chooses to keep quiet about it, safely write as many trilogies as he likes without being accused of the crune of pretentiousness, for the public will never of its own accord attempt to esublish a rela- tion between three different books produced at different periods and offered for sale in different bindings. Bu^ auntie," I said, controlling myself, "I must go, really I shall send Lucy over with a note to Ethel Ryley to ask her to go with me." "Do," said my aunt, after a considerable pause, if you are bent on going." I have often thought since that during that pause, while we faced each other, my aunt had for the first time fu Uy realized how little she knew of me; she must surely have detected in my glance a strangeness, a contemptuous indifference, an im- placable obstinacy, which she had never seen in it before. Yet I loved my aunt with a deep affec- THE HOUSE ENC3IANTED n tfao, I had only one grievance against her. "I — I must go." 'Oh, of course, if I've offended you " •No," I said; "I'm not at all offended.

The first part of the trilogy was Jnna of the Fwe 7'owns, which presented the uncul- tivated woman of the lower middle-class. Al- though cscewively proud, she would always, in conversation with men, admit her menul and imaginative inferiority, and that of her sez. He tapped on the window behind us, and the procession of waiters occurred again, and Diaz received a third glass, which now stood on three saucers.

CIHM Microfiche Series (IMonographs) i CMH Collection de microfiches (monographies) Canadiafi Institut* for Historical Microroproduetiofw / Imtitut eanadion do microroproductions historiquoo j KMfc M MMUa Mtt fat f Uaiii^ V* VIM wlipy Wl NBR of Hm imaps in # lifntfii Miwy cnmpi tf M t At Wlllflil ^MM offi l w»w g ,w» md/br i Mii Mtid/ tt/M| C o l o M wd ond onding on tho loot or Hluotrotod bnprooolon. loft to ilfl^ ond top to bottom, oo mony fr omooo o roquiiod. Our tickets had been taken, and they were not to be used! A photograph of Diaz stood in a s Uver frame on the piano; I gazed at it fervently.

oogh Ni Mg on tho bnproo* wfthoprk'od Loo OKomp Mroo orlglnoux dont lo eoovorturo on popior oot hnprlnioo oont nlnioo on oommono^rt por lo pro Mior plot ot on torniinont ooit por lo dom Mro pogo qui eomporto uno omprolnto dlmproooion ou dlluotrotlon, ooit por lo a o o ond plotaignlfio "A SUIVRE". TIm following diogromo Muotroto ti M pioi Mho Ot t OMoou Xt oto« pouvont otro mnioo ■ OOT w wi K us luuuuuuii uiiiwmiu* Loroquo lo dooumont oot trop grond pour Atro r opro du l t on un ooul oiolid. I said: "I w Ul hear you play the Fanusia this night, if I am cut in pieces for it to-morrow! She sat in her rocking-chair, and the gray woollen shawl drawn round her shoulders mingled with her gray hair.

, the Humble Original for the December 2016 Humble Monthly Bundle, which was released on 2 December 2016.

Free Lives returned to Cape Town on 1 December 2016.

The .-asional rattiing of a cart was all we caught of the peaceable rumour of tiie town; but on clear nights tiie furnaces of Cauldron Bar Ironworks Ut tiie valley for us, and we were reminded tiiat our refined and inviolate calm was hemmed in by rude ^ THE BOOK OF CARLOITA activities.

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