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Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order's shipment. Effective Aperture: Length 26~45mm adjustable When you order from, you will receive a confirmation email.What makes VR porn so appealing, even in its limited scope, is the potential feeling of being in a movie.

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Two of the industry's three most powerful VR headsets -- the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive -- are currently for sale, but preorders are backed up for months.

Oculus also created the mobile-phone powered Gear VR with Samsung, but its power is limited compared to its full-grown cousin.

Since then, porn has been attributed with helping to push everything from streaming video to easy payment systems into the mainstream -- pioneering those newfangled ideas in the mid-'90s to early 2000s, long before they became ubiquitous.

Virtual reality, though, may present its biggest challenge yet.

Like virtual reality development in general, adult content creation has seen plenty of false starts.

Here as elsewhere, plenty of the biggest companies are sitting things out for now, waiting for startups to figure out the messy details.Maybe they’re cautious because as innovative as it is, the porn industry has also received its fair share of burns from technology.Piracy ripped the pay movie business to shreds; video sites like Porn Hub and You Porn -- called “Tube sites” in the industry -- came in to finish the job.There are three questions people tend to ask when virtual reality comes up in conversation. After all, porn has always been on the cutting edge of technological innovation. (Though plenty might, and that's fine too.) They’re simply curious about how it will adapt to this new format.If your imagination just isn't cutting it anymore, check out this how-to video and start getting a peak at people in a slightly less clothed state.

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