Cam sex sites that offer sign up bonus for new customers

Oh and if you women dont mind a guy sending you a d#ck picture that will happen quite often over there.

lets people make way more than one account, a lot of these people use these fake accounts to help their main account in pets game, where you buy and sell people's pictures, either with real money or in game coins you earn when you make a profit in the pets game.

It is all a popularity contest is all what pets game is.

Main thing is they never give you the option if you want to play the game called pets.

Soon as you sign up and log in your automatically given like 15 pets and your profile is out in the open for someone to buy.

ed down by different types of men half of them they barley even know and half of these females be married or in a relationship or have a ton of kids. Oh and one more thing, tagged should renamed MEET EBONY PEOPLE.

if you want a ugly hoodrat, ghetto, baby momma with 3 kids, then this is the site for you.because you will find nothing but black people on there.I don't have anything against black people, im just warning you.Also you got a lot of people who use cheats, to automatically buy pets for them while they are away from their computers.They are repeating bots that repeat the same motions over and over.Say you buy a picture no one owns, then someone buys it off you and you buy it back.

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