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In Alabama, for example, the number of users jumped from four to 8,000 in a single week in January.

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"They don't want to feel like they're being bombarded with messages ...

On Blendr, girls are bombarded."Similarly, men don't want to feel the rejection that comes from not getting replies to their messages.

It also allows users to see shared interests with each other.

The six-month-old Tinder might be new to the social-app scene, but it has big dreams.

Mateen described the app as "more social discovery than dating" and said they're looking into ways to expand its function beyond how it's currently being used."There is a fundamental need for this," Mateen added.

Facebook is used primarily to maintain existing relationships, he said, but nothing exists for the purpose of creating new ones.Tinder took this into account by not allowing you to send messages to anyone unless that person is interested in talking to you too.The app shows users in a geographic radius and lets you click "X" if you're not interested and a heart if you are.It's not that they just want to be the straight Grindr (they're actually coming after Grindr too — "we're not optimized for gay users yet," Mateen said, adding plans to do so are in the works), they want to connect everyone."It's a universal product," Mateen said.Ask anyone in Provo how they feel about dating, and you’ll probably get some exasperated sighs.He said if he had a list, it would’ve said “loves sports.” And if he had only looked for women who loved sports, he wouldn’t have gone out with his wife, who hated sports — and still hates them.

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