Bridget regan and craig horner dating in real life

Where were we going to be in season three, I didn't think Richard should know that. If I would have started off season three, I would have started it off with Richard suddenly away from the group, on his own, in another kind of land or universe. I can be a little bit anti-social sometimes when it comes to that. What was your favorite episode, and why that episode? How hard was it to learn all those moves and how long did it take? But, yeah, it was something I was really always looking forward to. (woodsman2b) She brought a bit of sassiness that the show kind of needed. And in general how happy were you when you'd seen the finished episodes? (TRastro) The crew had become like a second family.The action should let him discover his own character, you know what I mean. Maybe we could have separated the characters a little more and then brought them back (together), or tried to get them back together over (the course of) season three. I've learned that Richard's pendant had an interesting history in the books. You've just be the focal point of attention all week and sometimes you just want to be by yourself and just chill out. Even from season one I said, "I can't wait to leave season one a boy and come back season two a man and start taking charge." I'd like to know your opinion about Tabrett's arrival on the show. The characters were more like Smurfs, so goody-goody all the time, and it was great to have someone come in with a bit more of their own agenda and who was not all about the people and the greater good, but was somehow sworn to serve to me. It was kind of crazy, but it was even worse for Bruce and Bridget because we were in New Zealand, where it was always windy. If there was an apocalypse and our crew had to start a new world, we'd have some good facilities there. We had these amazing horse riders, these amazing fighters. We had people who could build amazing houses and castles.

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Please note that many of you asked multiple questions and Horner replied to as many as he could and, where he didn't, we didn't include the question.

Oh, and at the very, very end, he picks his two favorite questions, one each from parts one and two of our interview, with the winners soon to receive an autographed item from Horner.

(mo770) I really couldn't tell you where they were planning to head with the story. Bang, bang, bang, bang." You're thinking about your moves and how it looks. "Is that what I'll look like in a certain amount of time? If a fan recognized you in a public place, would you rather have them ignore you and pretend you weren't there, or would a polite nod or perhaps a "Hey, not to be too creepy, but I'm a huge fan and just wanted you to know that" be okay? How did that feel, finally being able to play the guy who runs everything? I think if there was one to change, we probably could have done that a little bit better, but we found our stride with six ("Elixir") and seven ("Identity"). I probably would have liked to have redone the last episode ("Tears"). I'm moving over to America pretty soon and will be off on my own. Being a freelance actor you're not really controlled by anyone.

I didn't even think the writers sometimes from week to week. I'm a really big fan of "Denna." And the fighting; I can't even express how much I loved the fighting. We had such great people there and I feel like I can just into the next, I don't know, Highlander or something. It was a boyhood dream, always, just to be able to do these choreographed fight scenes on a TV show. It became second nature, like it was just part of the job. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could, but now that it's all over, I'm like, "Am I really not going to get to do that with all those stunties again? I think we'd all benefit from getting a pointer or two from you. (mse HU) It was really great and it was something that I had in mind since season one. I think we all would have liked to redo the last episode, because we didn't know it was ending, and it would have been nice to have tied up some things. You get to be kind of be your own boss until you work with a collaborative group of people on your next job, and really, with a collaborative group of people there's never really a boss anyway.

Bridget Regan played the gorgeous, young warrior Kahlan on the syndicated drama Legend of the Seeker but ever since the show was cancelled in March, a huge campaign was started by her fans to help save the show!

Bridget tells us that after two successful seasons of the show she was shocked it wasn't renewed.

So, thanks to our readers for all the great questions and to Horner for his terrific work on Legend of the Seeker and for taking the time to respond in such detail. Exclusive Interview: Craig Horner (Legend of the Seeker, Fan Questions Answered), Part I Finally, it's here: our two-part Craig Horner interview.

Lastly, though things look bleak for Legend of the Seeker, those still eager to fight the good fight on the show's behalf can start by visiting I think it was just a bunch of old, ratty blankets. If I see somebody like Al Pacino, somebody who's had a really big effect on me or someone who I really like, I want to say, "Hey, you're doing good" or just "Thank you." That's nice. Finally, you're going to be signing autographs for a couple of our readers, the readers whose questions you liked best. And one that got me thinking was the one (from pktempleton) about how I would have ended the show, the relationship between Richard and Kahlan. Yes, we've pinned down Horner, the star -- or, sadly, former star -- of Legend of the Seeker, the syndicated fantasy series on which he shared the screen with Bridget Regan, Bruce Spence, and Tabrett Bethell.

And would it have been different from the Terry Goodkind books? I think people would have liked that, to see both of them with someone else for a while, but then maybe eventually coming back to each other. I think I'm ready and I'd really love to do it." It was going to be talked about. What was it like wearing that in comparison to the normal costume? (deanna) Yeah, I've been doing that for about fifteen years now, even longer than acting.

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