Bria myles she dating

Bria: I think a lot of people feel strongly that it is not the right thing to do or that it's not possible.

I feel different because I am confident with who I am.

Well, if she doesn't quite reach angel wings heights, she could definitely be a Beach Bunny model! This is the second of their styles that we have spotted Bria wearing in as many weeks.

If you're just walking into a casting as a dark skinned girl, then you really have to "wow" the people in the casting because there's so many light skinned pretty girls to choose from. I had a guy tell me a couple weeks ago that he's never dated a dark skinned girl.

So why would they go with a dark skinned girl when they can have the light skinned girl with the pretty hair and the pretty eyes? So I asked him if I would have been bold and walked up to him and said "Hey what's up," what he would do.

Being compared to a Japanese Anime is what the "ever-so-unfortunate" Lakers fan claims compliment her the best (sorry Bria -- shouts to the Celtics! With numerous video appearances under her belt for the likes of Kanye West, Twista, R. I'm paired up with a boxer and I tempt him to go out with me and if he does go out with me, then he gets all the publicity, and he gets bigger and better fights and special things in the game. Baller So how did you first get into modeling? it pretty much takes up your whole day and some of your next day because when you eventually get home, you're exhausted, so you pretty much sleep through some of the next day.

Kelly, and her most recent in Yung Berg, Myles at the age of 24, has already conquered the video world. Baller Just like real life with Bria Myles right? Bria: My friend thought I would be perfect for modeling, so he introduced me to one of his friends and she loved me. She actually booked me for a couple different things. Baller It is a mostly male dominated industry, so how has it been for you being a beautiful woman?

With the music video scene on wraps, Myles next stop is in what men love the most ... Luckily for the cutie-with-a-booty, she was contacted, out of the blue, to have a role in the new 2K Sports videogame, "Don King Presents: Prizefighter." According to Myles the game (which features Bria as a temptress to opposing boxers) is a major stepping-stone in her career. She booked me to be a backup dancer for the Ying Yang Twins on the "Carson Daily Show." Then she booked me for the Kanye West video "Brand New," and then Twista's and Trey Songz video, "Girl Tonight." And then from there, everything took off. Bria: Some men will play around and make little comments here and there, but otherwise it's been pretty good.

Luckily enough and Bria were able to manage the east to west coast time difference and sit down to discuss her thoughts on dating in the industry, her issues with ass injections and why she is single but ready for a boyfriend ... Baller So what's going on with Bria Myles? I was shocked because it's a really commercial project. Baller How have your experiences been working on videos? It's tough because when you work with a lot of women, it's either they're really nice or they're really catty.

If a director has to use a dark skinned girl in their video, then it helps.

But that's really the only time it truly benefits us. In terms of guys, I like whatever guy treats me right.

But if you want to go wild a little closer to home, there's cheetah, zebra and leopard print aplenty on the virtual high street, or we love this Topshop zig zag style.

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