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I never put much thought into it so nothing was ever "imminent" and there was certainly no "stalemate." Now the timing is right. [] Hopefully, the audience has forgotten what she was up to.There wasn't a whole lot left for her to do but, at the same time, I never felt like her story was done. She just went off to be with her child and sing in a nightclub in Chicago...which is, like, 45 minutes from Salem.

I noted in other reviews it was said the special effects were cheesy well... I would like to see a film for a good story/plot not to be just wowed by the special effects. I believe all of us could relate in one way or another. But I was very impress that the movie has some decent scare in it and there were moments that it got under my skin.

I think they did a pretty good job with what they had to work with.

There are a lot of new shows this season that I'm enjoying: "Ringer," "Hart of Dixie," "The Secret Circle," "Whitney," "Pan Am" (RIP) and "The Playboy Club" (RIP) to name a few. But there's one show that I am absolutely OBSESSED with, and that's "Dirty Soap.""DS" is a new reality show on E!

that follows a group of young actors/actresses who are Soap stars.

If your into horror movies then it's worth a watch I liked this movie and I love horror and suspense movie genres.

I heard Corey Taylor talking about this movie that he was in and I was curious, so I ordered the movie. It's a fun campy horror movie for people who love fun campy horror movies.

And the more you watch, the more you'll get to know the players, anyway.

The "DS" cameras follow around ("One Life to Live"; dating Farah Fath).

Bjorlin has been keeping busy since she left Salem behind.

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