Boundaries dating curriculum

They stay away from home as much as possible, become strangers, and turn into prolific liars.

Boundaries don’t encumber your child; they free them and they boost confidence and self-control.

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Boundaries dating curriculum

Such parents tend to shift their punishment (and the boundaries) based on how their own day is going or how frustrated they are with life, their spouse, or their children.

So, the kids in those families don’t really know where the boundaries are any given day.

Then, when they break the rules, you as a parent aren’t the heavy.

They chose in advance to accept the consequences since they also knew in advance what consequences they would have to face.

If what they wear breaks the school’s dress code, they are stepping over the school’s boundaries.

Likewise, when a teen is allowed to drive the car, perhaps they are told they must be home by dark, not have any other teens in the car, and they must not drive any further than a certain distance away from home.

This curriculum is delivered through activities that are informative, fun and affirmative.

A workbook helps teens apply curriculum concepts to their own lives.

It’s like the difference between keeping a horse on a lead rope and letting him run freely in a fenced pasture.

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