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I once saw a guy who went the extra mile just to talk to some girls by crouching down to their level (they were sitting) and leaning in so they could hear him.But his body language was off and he looked very uncomfortable.

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But always remember that body language will get you only halfway there, you need to develop the right mindset that makes you attractive and irresistible! It is by far the best investment I have ever made in my dating life. If you feel insecure and doubt yourself, you will have a hard time showing it.

Often just changing your body language can have a positive effect on your behavior. So, here are some things you should and shouldn’t do when you want to learn about the attractive male body language (some examples are only intended for the club environment, but most of them will fit for all situations): A good posture.

The better approach here is to lean back (you are comfortable) when talking, so others have to lean in.

This gives you more status because you make others react to you.

It shows people around you that you feel confident in your own body. They are either too stiff or try to make themselves look as small as possible (by slouching). When you cross your arms, you demonstrate a closed body language, and this tells a woman “stay away!

” It’s frightening how many guys I have seen do this in clubs (sometimes even in front of the girl).This will give them the impression that you are about to walk away.It also reduces the tension in an interaction with a woman and will feel more comfortable for both parties.Believe it or not, women are very good at reading your body language.That’s why it’s important for you to know some body language signs of an attractive male, so you have a better understanding what women react to.When you approach a woman who has her arms crossed, your first goal should be doing everything to make her uncrosses them. A guy with an attractive male body language isn’t afraid to take up more space.

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