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The Western Settlement Society of Cincinnati was a semi-charitable organization founded to aid German immigrants who wished to settle in the American Midwest.

In 1844, the Society purchased three hundred acres to the north, and 160 acres to the south, of the Prairie la Porte plat, and the next year acquired the plat as well.

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Spanning a timeline of human occupation of over 14,000 years and a diversity of races and cultures, the Park preserves, protects, and presents artifacts dating as far back as 10,000 B. and ancient geological evidence of the settlement and evolution of the people of this region of Alabama.

Creek (Muskogee), Yuchi (Uchean), Shawnee (Algonquin), Chickasaw (Muskogee), and Cherokee (Iroquoian) Indians were the five historic tribes to live in the Oakville area.

Others were less enthralled by the characters' habit of twisting every minor thing into a soliloquy on life's mysteries. No other works of man, past or present, can ever top the maudlin madness of .

The show inspired such passionate feelings that it indirectly spawned Television Without Pity (originally called "Dawson's Wrap").

The earliest Euro-American occupation of the narrow floodplain along the Mississippi is not well-documented but probably occurred shortly before or after eastern Iowa was opened to white settlement by the Black Hawk Treaty of 1833.

A seasonal campground of the Sauk and Mesquakie tribes in the 1820's this area may have hosted Indian traders in those years, who viewed the plain, with narrow creek valleys opening into it from between high limestone bluffs, as a good place from which to conduct business and gain access to the prairie interior to the west.

Guttenberg has long been noted for its well preserved pre- and post-Civil War vernacular architecture.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Guttenberg's architectural landscape is the large number of limestone structures, the majority dating from before the Civil War and some perhaps built as early as the mid-1840's.

Famous both for its actors being much older than their on-screen counterparts and the infamous Dawson/Joey will-they-won't-they storyline.

Also a notable example of the fan preferred couple getting together in the end.

Indians hunted this area for some 12,000 years before the Europeans arrived.

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